Dean Maher
Green Party Candidate for
Spadina - Fort York.

Dean was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, and is now proud to call Toronto home. He is an entrepreneur and community leader who is active with a variety of organizations and community initiatives and local LGBT+ groups.   He is a published author, vegan and animal rights activist.


Phone: (416) 720-1387 

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About Dean Maher

I am a proven community leader with a proven success track record

I get things done! Here are a few of my accomplishments:



Community Experience and Advocacy



  • Founder of CityPlace Residents' Association (CPRA)

  • Founder of Fort York Residents' Association

  • Advisor to Cityfest, a community engagement initiative which has since connected over 35,000 people

  • Mobilized local business to form a Business Improvement Area (BIA) in CityPlace 

  • Coordinated local Farmers' Markets for residents in and around CityPlace

  • Facilitated a new co-operative relationship between the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association and the Toronto Port Authority in 2010 in order to find solutions to shared local issues

  • Organized an information session for CityPlace residents on the public art, parks and future plans for the neighbourhood

  • Vocal opponent of the Front Street Casino.



New Park/Public Space Advocacy


  • Proponent of the Rail Deck Park

  • Organized the first community garden in CityPlace- planted 4,000 daffodil bulbs in Canoe Landing Park with community volunteers

  • Raised $8,000 for the CPRA to help fund community events.


Family and Child Advocacy


  • Organized free community children's events such as Trick or Treat events  and a free family day at the Toronto Railway Museum

  • Hosted the first Movie Night in Canoe Landing Park, now in its third year

  • Advocate for nationalized daycare.


Pets & Animal Advocacy


  • Secured funding for a permanent off-leash dog park in CityPlace in 2013, which is currently stalled due to the lack of political municipal will

  • Opposed the local councillor's vision of an off-leash dog run under the Gardiner Expressway alongside Lakeshore Blvd - our dogs deserve sunshine and fresh air, not car exhaust fumes

  • Led the campaign to ban the sale of cats and dogs in Pet Shops in Toronto

  • Served on Toronto Humane Society Board of Directors, helping shelter transition to a No-Kill shelter

  • Facilitated a meeting between the Toronto Humane Society and People with AIDS Foundation (PWA) to explore and implement a foster care pet program for PWA clients who need to place their pets in temporary foster care while they pursue treatment.


And I am a vegan and a published Children's author (Frederick the Fisherman Under the Sea).

Why Dean is a Green?

I'm concerned about the social, economic and environmental pressures that are being brought on by our increasingly connected and competing world. With the rise of global competition, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, we are facing a tipping point.  We need more elected officials thinking about the impacts that precarious, part-time, underpaid and contract work are having on young Canadians.


The Green Party of Canada is the only party with a smart vision for our future, one grounded in new economy jobs —especially in the green energy sector— that will be able to provide Canadians with secure, well-paying full-time jobs.  We need to focus on climate change and move our country away from a carbon-based economy and embrace sustainable industries without leaving any Canadian behind.


I'm a vegan and believe in a plant-based diet for the health of Canadians and the planet.  I'm socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and an advocate for fact-based and consensus-driven decision making.


(Green Party Candidate for Spadina - Fort York)

Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

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